Haunted Labs conjures new fuzz pedal

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 is a high-gain beast.

Haunted Labs has unveiled the latest pedal in its ghoulish line-up, and it’s good news for fans of the original Paranormal Fuzz. Dubbed the Paranormal Fuzz V2, this stompbox ramps up the gain, has a quieter circuit design and features updated graphics.

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 is a silicon fuzz that’s geared for high-gain and works particularly well for stoner rock and shoegaze. The pedal features the same self-explanatory three knobs as the original—”Volume,” “Filter,” and “Fuzz”—so operation is far from complicated.

The pedal’s smooth low end also make it a great pedal for the bass. If you’re in the mood for some heavy, gnarly fuzz tones, the Paranormal Fuzz V2 will serve you well.

The Paranormal Fuzz V2 lists for $159. More information at hauntedlabs.com.

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