NAMM 2016 news

The Winter NAMM Show 2016 takes place from 21-24 January in Anaheim, California and will host the launch of an amazing array of new guitar, bass, amplifier and effects products.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016

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Exhibitors include industry heavy-hitters such as Fender, Gibson, Yamaha, PRS Guitars, Marshall, Orange and Peavey alongside hundreds of smaller boutique companies. Bookmark bit.ly/NAMM2016news and scroll down to see all of the latest NAMM 2016 news and all of the hottest new product launches in one place.

Electric Guitars

NAMM 2016: Ernie Ball Music Man introduces new artist series guitars


NAMM 2016: Gretsch releases their new Streamliner series


NAMM 2016: Fender debut new American Elite series


NAMM 2016: EVH Wolfgang Special

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 13.34.13

NAMM 2016: EVH Wolfgang WG Standard

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 13.21.34

NAMM 2016: Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas & So Cal


NAMM 2016: Washburn Guitars announces additions to their Parallaxe Solar Ola England Signature Series


NAMM 2016: Vintage Guitars debut V6M24 models at NAMM

Vintage Guitars are set to debut their much anticipated V6M24 models at NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Fret-King release John Jorgenson ‘JJ’ Artist guitar


NAMM 2016: Vox launch Starstream Type 1 modeling electric guitar

Vox has launched a new modeling electric guitar, the Starstream Type 1. The Starstream uses an on board effects system to generate a whole array of sounds from electric guitar to synth sounds.


NAMM 2016: Gibson Memphis 2016 line-up revealed

The Gibson Memphis 2016 line-up has been revealed. Gibson say that the new series has a much more traditional take on build and design than previously explored and that is has also drawn inspiration from certain ‘magic’ guitars.


NAMM 2016: PRS CE 24 Returns For 2016

PRS has just announced the re-launch of its new CE 24 model, bringing the bolt-on platform back to the PRS line-up with some significant updates to the design.

NAMM 2016

Bass Guitars

NAMM 2016: B&G Handmade Guitars Introduces the Big Sister
NAMM 2016: Orange Amplification debut The O Bass

O Bass Front Sunburst copy

Acoustic Guitars

NAMM 2016: Fender announces new Paramount series


NAMM 2016: Washburn Guitars introduces the Woodline

Washburn Guitars are keeping up the pace for this year’s NAMM show, they have just revealed their new Woodline Series.
NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Washburn Guitars introduces new Heritage Series
Washburn Guitars has just announced its new Heritage Series of guitars.
NAMM 2016
NAMM 2016: Martin announces new limited edition models

Martin Guitar has announced two new limited edition guitars for Winter NAMM 2016 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Martin Dreadnought.

NAMM 2016


NAMM 2016: Peavey Announces 6505 Piranha Micro Head


NAMM 2016: Kemper Introduce the new Profiler OS 4.0


NAMM 2016: Orange Launches The OB1-300 Bass Combo

Orange OBC-300 Combo_lr

NAMM 2016: Marshall Introduce CODE amplifier series


NAMM 2016: J Design Releases Add-a-Baffle

J Design has Released Add-a-Baffle and Partners with Gear Collector, the newly designed adapter allows guitar and bass players to swap out different sized speakers in the same speaker cabinet.

NAMM 2016: Roland debut new Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amplifier

Roland has just released a new addition to their Cube series, the Blues Cube Hot. The Blues Cube Hot is equipped with 30 watts of power and uses Roland’s Tube Logic Design.

NAMM 2016: Boss unveils Waza amp head & cab

Boss have taken a leap into the world of amplifiers with their new Waza amp…


NAMM 2016: Peavey announces the 6505 Guitar Subwoofer

6505 Sub front

NAMM 2016: Aguilar amplification announces the SL 410x bass cabinet

Aguilar has just released a new addition to their SL line of cabs, the SL 410x.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Stone Deaf FX Launches new amp range

Stone Deaf FX has announced it’s latest venture into the world of amplifiers, with the SD08, SD30 (Head & Combo) and the SD50.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Vox reveal AV15/30/60 analog valve amplifiers

Vox has just launched their new AV amplifier series. The new AV15, AV30 and AV60 are tube driven analog circuit amplifiers that combine versatile tube sound yet affordable.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Vox debut Limited Edition Tan Custom Amps

Vox are making a limited edition run of AC15C1-TN AC10C1-TN AC4C1-12-TN amplifiers in Tan Bronco tolex.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Vox announce AC30CH and AC15CH

Vox add two new amplifiers too their AC custom series, the Vox AC30CH and AC15CH as a set of head and cabinet. they also feature Vox’s new reactive attenuator system.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Fender set to launch Bassbreaker amplifier series

Fender is set to release its much-anticipated Bassbreaker amplifier range in Anaheim. The new series was inspired by the idea of Fender having a “parallel evolution” in line with the formative years of hard rock.

NAMM 2016


NAMM 2016: Ernie Ball debut Overdrive and Ambient Delay Expression effects pedals

EB_Pedals (1)

NAMM 2016: DigiTech launches new DOD Looking Glass pedal


NAMM 2016: ThorpyFX releases two new pedals the Peacekeeper & Warthog


NAMM 2016: EBS announces Billy Sheehan Signature Drive


NAMM 2016: Orange launch two new pedals

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.22.31

NAMM 2016: DigiTech debut the TRIO+


NAMM 2016: Boss unveils Waza Craft VB-2W Vibrato

Boss has unveiled the VB-2W Vibrato, a new member of their Waza Craft line of effects.


NAMM 2016: Boss Announces BC-1X bass comp

Boss has just released a their new BC-1X bass compressor. Designed to give you studio quality compression in any situation.

NAMM 2016: Boss Announces VO-1 Vocoder Pedal

Boss has released a new vocoder, the VO-1. The new VO-1 allows players to produce vocal like expressions and sounds with there guitar.


NAMM 2016: EHX introduces the Bass Preacher

Electro-Harmonix are on a roll at the moment, they have just announced another new pedal: the Bass Preacher compressor.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Stone Deaf FX debut 5 new effects pedals

Stone Deaf FX has been very busy and just in time for NAMM 2016. They have just announced 5 new effects pedals the Syncopy, PDF 2, Tremotron, Kliptonite and the Warp Drive.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: EHX announces a pair of rotary speaker emulation pedals

EHX has announced a brand new pair of rotary speaker emulation pedals for Winter NAMM 2016, the EHX Lester G and Lester K.

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: EHX release the Soul POG

EHX has just announced a new member of their effects line-up, the Soul POG. EHX describe it as a “Greatest Hits” of Electro-Harmonix witch combines the famous Soul Food drive pedal with the Nano Pog…

NAMM 2016


NAMM 2016: Ernie Ball Announces NeverRust String Technology


NAMM 2016: Radial Engineering New Product Announcements

Radial Engineering have been very busy ready in time for this years NAMM show, here are their new product announcements.

NAMM 2016: Strymon announces Zuma and Ojai power supplies
Strymon has announced their latest addition to the pedalboard world, the Zuma and Ojai.
NAMM 2016: Boss Announces ES-5 Effects Switching System

Boss has revealed a new effects switch system the ES-5, it’s the smaller version of Boss’s flagship model the ES-8


NAMM 2016: Korg announce Pitchblack Tuner in limited edition Brushed Nickel

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016: Korg announce GripTune

Korg has revealed new GripTune, the ultra-compact clamp-type tuner.

NAMM 2016


NAMM 2016: Orange – Tiny Terror The Documentary

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.09.51

NAMM 2016: Red Witch Pedals announces Professional Development Program
Red Witch Analog Pedals announces a Professional Development Program for retail sales staff, providing them with all the knowledge they need the become the “most well resourced pedal gurus on the planet.”
NAMM 2016

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