IK Multimedia has announced 10 new officially licensed models for its iOS-based guitar and bass tone studio, AmpliTube. These amp, cab and stompbox models are available for purchase individually or within several bundles.

Here’s a quick look at the 10 new models:


  • Morley Contour Wah: A versatile wah effect with an array of controls that can be tweaked for many styles.
  • T-Rex Replica: A warm delay effect modelled after the very unit used by Pete Townshend and John Mayer.
  • Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter: A stereo tremolo capable of classic textures but also extreme effects.
  • Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe: A dirt box designed to capture the “Brown Sound” of early Plexi-style amps.


  • Dr Z Z Wreck: An amp model that’s all about touch response and killer tone.
  • Jet City JCA100H: Modelled after Jet City’s flagship amp, this features the 100-watt beast’s Normal and Overdrive channels.
  • Orange Dual Terror: A 30-watt guitar head with two channels, three controls, and a whole lotta range.
  • Carvin V3M: A 50-watt amp that delivers incredible tonal range thanks to its three channels and comprehensive controls.


  • Dr Z 2×12 Z Wreck: Cab section of Z Wreck combo
  • Carvin 2×12 V3M: Cabinet to match V3M amp head.

Lists for $3.99 (per stomp) or $6.99 (per amp with matching cab). More information at ikmultimedia.com.