Fender launches Artist Playbook to help musicians navigate post-pandemic industry

Have the business skills to back up the shred skills.

Fender has teamed up with musician and author Ari Herstand for a new publication aimed at helping artists navigate the post-pandemic music industry.

Fender notes that “aspiring artists in 2021 are facing uncharted waters.” Factors such as TikTok, live streams and cryptocurrency have all shifted how the industry works.

Herstand said in a statement: “One thing that has been abundantly clear this past year is that there is no longer one way to ‘make it’ in the new music business. Quite frankly, there are as many ways to make a music career happen as there are musicians.


“That is incredibly exciting, while also insanely daunting. Yes, artists theoretically can make a music career happen on their own, by themselves, with merely their phone, a decent mic and some wifi. But where to start? Who to engage for assistance? How much time and money does it take?”

The Fender Artist Playbook offers a step-by-step guide for emerging artists as they collide with this shifting landscape. There are guides on breaking into the TikTok algorithm, marketing music digitally, minting your own NFTs and more.

More specifically, it attacks the problem through four routes: social media, live streaming, release strategy and digital marketing. ​A key takeaway is the 50/50 rule – 50 per cent of your time spent on the music, the other 50 on the business. While the path between artist and fan is more direct than ever, that’s also led to a highly competitive market. “There are over 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify every day,” Fender notes. “And the vast majority of them don’t crack 1,000 streams – ever.”

The Fender Artist Playbook is available for free on the Fender website. It can also be downloaded directly in English here or in Spanish here.