Enter the Stratoverse: Fender launches its first metaverse experience with Meta

Fender has taken its first leap into metaverse experiences with the Stratoverse, a virtual experience crafted in partnership with Meta for Horizon Worlds.

The Stratoverse is one of two new ‘worlds’ Meta launched today at Cannes Lions, a global event for the advertising and creative communications industry. The other, MINIVerse, came in partnership with BMW Automative Group.

If you own a Meta Quest 2 headset, and are based in the US, Canada or the UK, you’ll be able to access both worlds on the Horizon Worlds VR platform.


Stratoverse is said to be a musical adventure that highlights a “co-play audio experience” in which players get to “create original riffs” together, and of course, explore a Stratocaster-shaped island.

The experience is also host to a virtual scavenger hunt, set in a playful world that nods to all-things guitar. Here’s Meta’s explainer on what to expect:

“People are invited to search the world together to find guitar chords, represented by sparkling coloured Fender picks. Once a pick is unlocked, it becomes available to anyone in the world back at the Riff Maker where it can be placed in one of the 18 spots in the Riff Maker to add their chord to the looping community riff.

Players can move the pick around within the riff, and also have the option to duplicate it or modify it by changing it from a major to a minor chord – or making it sharp or flat.”

On top of that, there will be easter eggs to discover, which guitarists should appreciate, including “air guitar zones” and “four special golden picks that unlock the ability to record your riff and additional planets to venture to on a flying Fender foot pedal to play back your music creations.”


This also isn’t Fender’s first foray into Web3 territory, as last month, new trademark filings suggested the guitar giant could looking to dip its toes into the world of NFTs.

Learn more about Meta and Fender’s Stratoverse, here.