Fender welcomes new master builders Andy Hicks and David Brown

Two new master builders have joined the team at the Fender Custom Shop, so without further ado, let’s get acquainted shall we?

Since 1987 the Fender Custom Shop has brought us many esteemed master builders, this time Andy Hicks and David Brown are the latest recruits.

Andy Hicks, who also plays in metal band Stygian Crown, has been honing the craft of building guitars since enrolling in the Guitar Craft Academy in Hollywood back in 2009, where he went on to work with Fender in the Jackson Custom Shop, dressing frets.

Hicks went on to become assistant to Gretsch Custom Shop Senior Master Builder, Steve Stern, before seizing the opportunity to become the lead builder and manager at a boutique guitar company.

Now coming full circle, Hicks has returned to Fender ready to bring his love for building back to where it all began. He states, “I love interacting with guitarists. Bridging the gap between builder and player, listening to their desires and implementing them into my builds is incredibly rewarding.”

However, David Brown’s journey to his master builder title began back in the 70s and 80s. He played in bands and worked at a local shop where he learnt the craft of building and repairing guitars before going to work at Yamaha Music Corp as a guitar technician.

Now in his new role, Brown has spoken of his passion to be part of the Fender Custom Shop team, “I hope to bring a perspective that takes into account all of my previous experiences in guitar building and construction. I hope to create these instruments that are the industry standard when it comes to accuracy and feel for the musician. Becoming a Master Builder for the Fender Custom Shop means that you’ve arrived. There is no higher pinnacle than this.”

We look forward to seeing what creations come from the two new builders, in the meantime you can find out more on both Andy Hicks and David Brown (along with Fender’s other Master Builders) here.


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