George Harrison estate lights up partnership with Dad Grass, launches All Things Must Grass cannabis line

Surprisingly, this is the first cannabis partnership for any of the Beatles.

In celebration of George Harrison’s seminal 1970 album, All Things Must Pass, cannabis maker Dad Grass has announced that they are partnering with the late singer’s estate to create a line of weed-related products called All Things Must Grass.

The All Things Must Grass collection features federally legal pre-rolled CBD + CBG joints, paraphernalia and co-branded merchandise including a pack of George Harrison signature rolling papers, a rolling tray, and a special edition All Things Must Grass Dad Stash.

Dad Grass George Harrison
Image: Dad Grass

This version of Dad Grass’s stashing system disguises a pack of Special Blend joints as an All Things Must Pass double cassette box so fans can hide their grass in plain sight.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Dad Grass noted that the joints are crafted from a mix of organic CBD and CBG hemp grown locally in the US: “This peaceful balance of the two most enlightening cannabinoids, CBD for physical harmony and CBG for mental clarity, serves as an ode to George’s mystic blend of cultures, styles and times.”

“We tend to shy away from the high test blow-your-mind weed that kids are into today,” said Ben Starmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Dad Grass.

“For this project, we set out to create a mellower kind of joint, something that blended together the type of high quality, low potency, and all-natural flower that was around when George was ‘having a laugh’ back in the early 70s. Just a classic smoke for a classic bloke.”

Dad Grass’ site also features a page dedicated to the special collection. There, you can find photos from the famous shoot at Friar Park that produced the album cover of All Things Must Pass, whereby Harrison sits in the centre and is surrounded by four comical-looking garden gnomes.

“George Harrison is the definition of the word ‘classic.’ The music that he made was both timely and timeless,” Starmer told Forbes.

He added: “Our humble little weed brand has only been around a couple years but our dream is that one day, 50 years from now, people will say similar things about us.”

The collection is available starting today at dadgrass.com.

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