Mike Fuller says Reverb’s Pedal Movie won’t feature Fulltone at his request

The marketplace suspended sales of new Fulltone pedals in July following controversial posts online from Fuller.

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Update (24/11): A spokesperson from Reverb responded to a request for comment from Guitar.com. See below.

Mike Fuller, the man behind pedal company Fulltone claimed a segment featuring him and Fulltone products was filmed for Reverb.com‘s upcoming The Pedal Movie – and then later dropped at his request, following Reverb’s response to his controversial Facebook posts made in June.

Writing on Fulltone’s official Facebook page, Fuller said: “Regarding the upcoming Reverb.com movie, I wanted to address this in advance so they can’t falsely claim that they cut me out and that you all get the real story.”

“I was slated to be featured in this movie, the segment was already shot, including a little performance of me playing a TubeTapeEcho in stereo between a couple of little Fenders… all was fine.”

He goes on to say a Reverb employee then decided to “suspend my account AND ban dealers from selling new Fulltone products on Reverb.com,” because of “things that they think I posted on Facebook.”

Following this, Mike Fuller claimed he exercised his “option not to be involved in their project.” He then calls the documentary – which explores the origins of boutique pedals – “revisionist history,” as it won’t feature Fulltone.

You can see the full post below.

Regarding the upcoming Reverb.com movie, I wanted to address this in advance so they can’t falsely claim that they cut…

Posted by Fulltone on Saturday, November 21, 2020

A spokesperson from Reverb told Guitar.com: “The Pedal Movie will not feature the footage filmed with Mike Fuller. The brand’s influence will be cited through interviews with others in the industry.”

Back in June, Fuller made a post on Fulltone’s official Facebook page addressing the nature of the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, stating: “What is this like night 4 of looting with 100% impunity. The pussy Mayor and Governor don’t give a shit about small businesses, and it’s never been more clear.”

The original post was followed half an hour later with a comment on the original post stating, “Ahh I feel better, and flushed out some prissy boys who were raised to pee sitting down. Now I’ll delete.”

The post and comment were widely circulated, generating backlash from pedal fans – prompting one Fulltone user to contact Fulltone’s sales email address to accuse the designer of valuing “storefronts over police brutality”; threatening to throw out his Fulltone pedals, and leave a negative review in response to Fuller’s alleged comments.

The user received a defiant response from the account, purportedly from Fuller himself, stating: “I am begging you to sell your pedals because you actually don’t deserve them. You are actually so racist that you believe the good people who are protesting are the same as the organised gang banger criminals who are looting ‘storefronts’.

“Those ‘storefronts’ are good hardworking people’s lives and livelihoods. I’m [sic] fact if I see you with a Fulltone pedal I will tag it and break into your house and loot it from you, because it’s my free expression to do so… right?”

Screenshots of this email response were then also widely circulated – generating more backlash themselves. An apology was posted on Fulltone’s Facebook page, before being deleted shortly after.

Following all of this, Reverb.com suspended all sales of new, mint-condition and b-stock Fulltone products from its marketplace. Reverb wrote that Fuller’s “recent comments and behaviour” were in violation of its established brand values and the principles, as stipulated in its “Community Rules for Sellers and Buyers”.

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