The #GuitarTok Effect: Fender explores how TikTok can improve representation for female guitarists

While TikTok is at the forefront of a lot of conversations surrounding social media and female representation, the world of #GuitarTok is largely unexplored territory.


Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for SHEIN

Fender has led a conversation discussing how TikTok is empowering the youngest generation to explore the world of guitar, especially regarding female role models.

In a discussion panel that was hosted by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation on July 19, bringing together TikTok guitarists Blue DeTiger, and April Kae and music managers, Adam Hirsch and Benito Lugo, the panel discussed TikTok’s influence on the music industry and guitar culture.

#GuitarTok is continuing to emerge as a go-to source for playing tips and tutorials, inspiration, a sense of community, connection, and collaboration, as well as a direct pathway to discovery for music managers and label talent scouts.

Not to mention that the power of #GuitarTok means it is easier than ever to find like-minded individuals, especially for women who might not see as much female guitarists and bassist in the mainstream media.

“From what I understand there are 10 male bass players to every one female bass player,” shared bassist April Kae, “By Fender creating a new version – or an expanded version – of what a bass player looks like through #GuitarTok, I have been able to find bass players that have backgrounds like mine, look like me and are from similar communities.”

In the past year, Fender have features countless female Player Plus artists on it’s TikTok account, such as Country musician Hannah Dasher, as well as Japanese Breakfast and panelist Blue DeTiger, and has so far reached over 33 million viewers.

It is important to see leading manufacturers such as Fender take a step in a more representative and social media focused direction, which will hopefully lead the way for other guitar manufacturers in the future.


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