Keeley Electronics releases the new Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive

A limited-edition pedal designed with the country picker in mind.

Keeley Electronics has announced the limited-edition Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive overdrive pedal.

Designed in collaboration with country guitarist Johnny Hiland, the Sweet Spot features a JFET discrete transistor input – for tube amp-like dynamics – and the classic 4558 amplifier. The op-amp diodes have also been carefully selected to provide asymmetrical clipping to mimic a tube amp being pushed into overdrive.

On the pedal’s faceplate, a two-way mini-toggle switch allows the user to switch between two different gain structures. Flipping the switch to the left position provides a light amount of crunch well-suited to country rock, while putting it to the right bumps up the gain for more power amp saturation. Apart from that, the pedal features three familiar knobs: drive, tone and level.

According to Keeley Electronics, the pedal achieves a tonal “sweet spot” by cutting a little bass, boosting the midrange a touch and rolling off some of the highs. Using the tone knob, users can also choose to filter some the highs back into their signal.

Check out a demo below:

Note: The Keeley Electronics Sweet Spot Johnny Hiland Super Drive is currently sold out.

For more information, click here.

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