Keeley Electronics Germanium Amplifier Pedal
The Germanium Amplifier pedal

Keeley has unveiled its latest offering, the Germanium Amplifier pedal. Each of these units—available exclusively from Keeley’s custom shop—is personally handcrafted by founder Robert Keeley, and is designed to be the first stompbox in your pedal chain.

The Germanium Amplifier promises all the boost and gain you need to color your tone. With a single, large output knob, you can rein it in or let loose the fury. Each unit features Tungsram AC125 germanium PNP transistors, while an internal bias control lets you dial in more gain should you choose to get more aggressive.

Check out the video below to learn more:

The Germanium Amplifier lists for $299, with an approximate delivery time of four to six weeks. For more information, check out