Kiesel releases new series of pickups

The new Beryllium pickups feature Alnico II magnets and vintage-style windings for a classic guitar tone.

The Kiesel CT624

Good news for those thinking of upgrading their pickups: Kiesel Custom Shop has released brand new ones. The Kiesel Beryllium pickups were designed by Mark Kiesel, president of Kiesel Guitars, to produce a more vintage-sounding guitar tone.

The Beryllium pickups use Alnico II magnets and vintage-style winding to create a tone that’s clean, low in output and mid-accentuated—in other words a ‘classic,’ time-honored guitar tone. These puppies—they’re available as bridge/neck humbuckers and single-coils—are already standard fixtures on the Kiesel guitars that belong to the SH semi-hollow, CT and CS series, as well as on the AE185 and AE185-12 acoustic-electric models.

Kiesel Custom Shop has also created a bunch of new pole colors for both its Beryllium and Lithium ranges. For something more classic, go for the Silver; for a subtler touch, the Black poles are right up your alley. And if you want to match the gold hardware on your axe, the Gold poles should do the trick.

Hear the Beryllium pickups in action in the video below:

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