The Line 6 Spider V MkII range just got bigger

Line 6 has added a 20 watt practice amp to its modelling amp range.

Line 6 have added a 20 watt practice amp to the Spider V MkII range, the Spider V 20 MkII. Loaded with an eight-inch speaker, the Spider V 20 MkII packs the essentials into a more manageable practice amp form factor.

Tone-wise, the amp offers up to three simultaneous effects and an independent reverb control, to be used in tandem with over 200 amp simulators. That’s providing you download the (free) Spider V remote app – which operates as a portable version of the amp’s controls, and unlocks the full range of preamp settings.

Another ease-of-use feature is the built-in tap-tempo button, which also engages the tuner function. A USB-out lets you use the amp as an audio interface when connected to a DAW.


Like the rest of the range, the Spider V 20 MkII has two speaker modes – the standard, full-range mode suited to a range of instruments, and the new Classic Speaker mode, which is voiced closer to a vintage guitar amp.

Watch our rundown of the rest of the range here.

Watch Josh Smith demonstrate the Spider V MkII below:

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