Those who got all excited at the tantalizing prospect of owning the Full-Drive 1 but didn’t have demos to check out—well, that’s changed. Fulltone head honcho Michael Fuller just dropped a video of the overdrive pedal, which is a ‘reissue’ (kinda) of the late-’90s/early-noughties version of the Full-Drive 2.

The Full-Drive 1, which started shipping out about a month back, doesn’t have the boost channel of the Full-Drive 2 but retains the beloved Comp-cut mode found in the original. That’s the ‘full-mids’ version of pre-MOSFET editions and not the ‘flat-mids’ of the later models, according to Fulltone. But, yes, the Flat-mids (FM) mode will still be there, alongside the Vintage voice.

And we don’t need to tell you how good it sounds—listen for yourself right here:

The Full-Drive 1 lists for about $120. For more info, check out