Malekko has a new multi-tap delay/chorus pedal

The Thicken stompbox combines delay and chorus effects to create thick, syrupy tones.

Malekko Thicken pedal

Good news for all modulation mavericks out there: Malekko’s new stompbox, Thicken, combines two short delays and a chorus that fattens up your tone.

Thicken provides up to three delay lines in total, with two multi-tap delay modes and one for chorus. The “C Rate,” “C Depth,” and “C Vol” knobs control the chorus’ rate, depth and volume, respectively. And the “Preamp” control lets you dial in more gain.

The Spread feature is where things start to get interesting. In a nutshell, this lets you tweak the times of all three delay lines. Pick from two modes—Exponential and Random—and fiddle with the “Spread” knob to either increase delay time or adjust between smooth and aggressive time transitions, depending on the mode.

Hear the pedal in action here:

The Thicken lists for $189. For more information, check out


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