Massive Unity launches preamp/OD/boost pedal

The Dirty Boy emulates classic tube amps to give your tone more brawn.

Massive Unity Dirty Boy

Massive Unity has unveiled the Dirty Boy, a multi-purpose drive pedal that combines a tube amp simulator, preamp, transparent boost and overdrive.

The Dirty Boy is co-designed by musician/engineer Danny Gomez, and deploys his TAE technology. It uses an analog circuit to mimic the tone of tube amps—in this case, the model favored by Blues Saraceno—and a closed-back 4×12-inch ‘Greenback’ cab.

You can use it to send your signal directly to the board, as a preamp in your amp’s effects loop, or as a conventional boost/OD stompbox straight to your amp’s input. The latter offers 20 dB of tube-emulating extra gain.

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