Mesa Boogie launches the Fillmore 25 amp

It’s a 6V6 version of the bigger Fillmore 50.

Mesa Boogie has launched the Fillmore 25, a compact 6V6 version of its recently released Fillmore 50. This amp offers vintage-voiced tones ranging from clipped cleans to purring grinds to Mesa’s signature blistering tube overdrive.

Like its big brother, the Fillmore 25 has two identical channels, each with three self-explanatory gain modes: “Clean,” “Drive” and “HI.” Both channels are footswitchable, so toggling between two ‘presets’ is a cinch.

mesa boogie fillmore 25 amp

Around the front, each channel features six control knobs: “Master,” “Gain,” “Presence” and a three-band EQ. And on the back, the Fillmore 25 has independent controls for a tube-driven spring reverb circuit that colors the amp’s tone in a lush, ambient wash.

The Fillmore 25 is powered by two Mesa 6V6 power amp tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes, and is available either as a head or a 1×12-inch combo. For the latter configuration, the amp is paired with the new Fillmore 19 cab, which houses a 12-inch Celestion Custom-90 speaker in an open-back design. Tone-wise, the cab produces a high and tight bass response that complements the punchy mid-ranged sounds of the Fillmore 25 head. The Fillmore 19 is also available for purchase separately.

Hear the amp in action here:

Pre-orders at $1,399 (head), $1,599 (combo) and $419 (cabinet). More information at mesaboogie.com.

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