Mid Valley FX launches the Mad Robot

True to its name, this oscillating fuzz achieves some crazy tones.

midvalleyfx mad robot pedal

Mid Valley FX has released the Mad Robot, a dirt box that’s capable of oscillating drones and octave-up fuzz.

If you’re wondering what those add up to, the brand has said the Mad Robot is “capable of everything from eight-bit, tone-eating, robot-malfunctioning sounds to lower-gain, octave-up tones.” Controls on the faceplate look deceivingly simple, but there’s a lot more happening under the hood. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Switch “4”: When flicked down, this engages “Danger Robot in Operation”—or oscillation—mode. Flicked up, it activates the octave-up mode.
  • Knob “1”: Controls the volume.
  • Knob “2”: Manages the input signal. When dialed down, sustain decreases, contributing to the “eight-bit, tone-eating” sound as notes ring out.
  • Knob “3”: Governs the attack and octave-up effect. Turning this down in oscillation mode deepens your tone while making it more glitchy.
  • Knob “5”: Controls tone. Dialed all the way up, it creates a more saturated and compressed tone. Dial it down, however, and you’ll have more open tones.

Obviously, this isn’t your regular fuzz pedal. It’s meant for adventurous guitarists who enjoy tip-toeing on the brink of cacophony. Check out the brand’s demo below:

The Mad Robot is currently on sale for $90 (usual price $120). More information at midvalleyfx.com.


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