Mooer announces the GE150

Mooer's newest multi effects unit updates the GE100.

Mooer has announced the GE150, an updated version of the manufacturer’s GE100 Multi-effects pedal, and a more portable alternative to the GE300. The unit retains the compact form factor, while introducing updated amp models and allowing for on-the-go recording.

The GE150 is loaded with 55 amp models and 151 discrete effects, with up to nine active effects at one time. 200 presets offer a range of tonal options right off the bat, while 26 slots are reserved custom presets.

Alongside a regular quarter-inch input for a guitar is a stereo pair of quarter-inch line outputs, an eighth-inch headphone jack for silent practicing and an eighth-inch aux input for music playback through the unit. The two USB ports allow for software updates via a computer, and on-the-go connection to a smartphone respectively. The latter lets the unit function as a portable audio interface when connected to a compatible device. The unit’s amp and cab simulation can be switched off for use of the pedal with a separate guitar amp.


The pedal also features several quality-of-life features that elevate the GE150 to the level of other recent floor-based multi-effects, including:

  • A tap-tempo button for time-based effects
  • A programmable footswitch
  • An in-built looper with 80 seconds of recording
  • 10 metronome sounds and 40 drum sounds

Watch the Mooer demo of the pedal below:

There is no price information for the GE150 at this time. More information at