Mooer Audio releases modulation, looper stompboxes

The Mod Factory MKII has all the modulation effects you can ask for, while the Groove Loop combines a drum machine with a looper.

Mooer Audio Mod Factory MKII

The Mod Factory MKII

Mooer has just launched two new pedals that keep to its reputation of delivering straightforward, accessible and affordable stompboxes: the Mod Factory MKII and the Groove Loop.

Mod Factory MKII

The features on this diminutive pedal, an update of the Pro version, belie its size. Packed within a box that measures just 3.7 by 1.6 inches are 11 modulation algorithms, from the usual suspects like chorus and flanger to weirder effects such as ring modulation.

Dialing in a tone is as straightforward as it comes. Pick a mode, tweak the “Speed,” Depth” and “Control” knobs, and you’re good to go—no messing with presets or complicated parameters. There’s just one thing out of the ordinary: the “Series/Parallel” switch. It lets you toggle between the pedal’s internal signal chain routing, yielding two types of tones from each mode.

Groove Loop

The Groove Loop

It’s a bandmate in a box. The Groove Loop is a drum machine and looper that seems built for woodshedding. The stompbox houses eight drum patterns—with two variations of each—whose tempo you can adjust via tap, as well as a looper function that lets you layer unlimited tracks at a maximum of 20 minutes apiece.

You can use it as a drum machine, a looper or both simultaneously. And if you do choose the latter, the Groove Loop will automatically synchronize your loop with the drum groove. No fuss, no muss.

Check out both pedals in action here:

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