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Mooer launches three Micro Preamp pedals

Mooer launches three Micro Preamp pedals
From left to right: 018 Custom 100, 017 Cali MK IV, 016 Phoenix

Mooer has added three new mini pedals to its Micro Preamp line-up: the 016 Phoenix, the 017 Cali MK IV and the 018 Custom 100.

As you’d expect, each of these three preamp pedals are voiced to emulate different amp tones. The 016 Phoenix pays homage to modern German-designed metal amps—think lots of gain and punchy lower mids. The 017 Cali, on the other hand, is reminiscent of Fender combos. It can go from bright and clean to a dirty crunch. And lastly, the 018 Custom 100 also offers those sparkling Fender cleans, but it can also throw classic British warmth into the mix.

All three preamp stompboxes have two channels each, and come with independent three-band EQ, gain and volume controls. Other features include speaker cabinet simulation and dual operating modes—you can set footswitch operation to on/off or channel A/B.

Listen to the mini preamp pedals in action here:

The new Mooer Micro Preamp pedals list for $99 each. More information at mooeraudio.com.