Mooer’s Tone Capture GTR can sample the sound of any guitar

The Chinese brand has condensed its Tone Capture tech into a mini stomper.

Mooer has introduced Tone Capture GTR, a mini stomper that’s designed to sample the distinct tonal traits of any pickup-equipped guitar. With this device, Mooer has bottled up their Tone Capture tech – featured in the GE300 – into a micro pedal format.

When engaged, the Tone Capture pedal utilises Mooer’s own “dynamic layer” IR technology to create a digital profile of the chosen guitar. This could prove handy for guitarists who want multiple guitar sounds without having several axes on hand.

The stompbox also doubles up as a standalone EQ pedal, and boasts seven preset slots shared between EQ and Tone Capture profiles. Tone Capture can primarily be shaped by five knobs: level, treble, mid-shift, mid and bass.


Rounding out the pedal’s features is a selection between true or buffered bypass, as well as the ability to upgrade firmware via USB.

Here’s an overview of Tone Capture GTR:

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