A is for Angus: The AC/DC alphabet book teaches kids their AB/CDs

Every page has its own bold colour, drawing and snippet of the band’s history

An AC/DC-inspired children’s book is due to release next month that aims to equip kids with rockin’ knowledge over their alphabets.

The book, titled The AC/DC ABCD, combines music and learning, using facts about the iconic band and fun to teach spelling and letters to young fans through stories, rhymes and eye-catching cartoons.

The first page reads: “A is for Angus, who thinks it’s good luck, to wear a school uniform, and walk like a duck.”


Love Police Books

According to a product description, “Every page leaps out with colour, humour and the band’s history as you wind down the Highway To Spell” – punderful stuff.

It’s on sale alongside a kid-friendly Sex Pistols book, named Never Mind Your P’s and Q’s – Here’s The Punk Alphabet, as well as Country and Western Alphabet Kids Book which is influences by Paul McNeil and other country legends.

The AC/DC book costs £22.38 but it might not come until next month.

The book belongs to a series called the Rockin Alphabet Series where other books themed around other bands are sold at the same price.

There’s also a box set of every book available in the series, but that costs £62.75 before delivery costs.


And for parents who want to browse more rockin’ apparel – like toddler tees and baby onesies – they can check out the AC/DC official store.

The book is sold by book sellers Love Police Books which you can find online – and its selection of more books and alphabet learning are all on its website.