Angus Young says that AC/DC try to “never get too serious” when songwriting

Despite all the hell, they’re never trying for darkness.

Angus Young

Image: Michael Putland / Getty

Angus Young has spoken about the songwriting tone of AC/DC’s music, particularly on their latest album PWR UP – and how it never really aims to get too dark.

Speaking to Guitar World, Young was asked about the album being “a bit darker in tone than Rock or Bust.” Young said that “when we’re doing a song, I always think… I never go negative. I always go positive with song ideas.”

While the band may be known for hits like Highway To Hell or Hells Bells, it’s safe to say a large number of their other song topics involve having a good time one way or another. To that end, Angus elaborated: “With AC/DC, we never get too serious about what we’re doing.

“We don’t try to put in, you know, a real ‘statement’ that means something. It’s just, that’s the mood when you wrote the song and then you bring it to the track.”

Distilling that mood down to a song is an art the band have been honing for years, and their success at doing so is perhaps evidenced by the soaring success of PWR UP.

Young also recently discussed AC/DC’s songwriting approach which was, to the irritation of their critics and delight of their fans, remained mainly the same. Speaking to Waleed Aly of Australian TV show The Project, Young addressed the band’s unchanging sound. “With us, it’s to be expected,” he said. “As my brother [the late Malcolm Young] used to say, when somebody said, ‘every album you‘ve ever made sounds the same,’ he‘d said, ‘Yeah. It’s the same band.’”

“When we started, we weren’t reinventing the wheel,” he added. “This is what we do best – we make rock and roll.”

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