People are using AI to expand iconic album covers and the results are… mixed

Photoshop Beta users have been having fun with a new tool that produces some… interesting… ideas about what lurks beyond the boundaries of an album sleeve.

It seems that barely a day goes by without someone taking the terrifying and world-changing power of AI and using it to do something… well… quite silly.

This week, classic album covers are the vehicle for people having fun with AI online, in this case using Photoshop Beta’s new AI-powered ‘Generative Fill’ feature to expand classic album covers and give a hint of what the machine things might have been lurking outside the confines of the original sleeve.

Moldovan comedian and multimedia artist Dobrokotov kicked off the trend with some interesting AI-powered takes on classic album covers from the likes of Nirvana (adding in a not-at-all sinister shark to Nevermind), The Beatles (offering a VERY different take on what Abbey Road looks like than the one you’ll see on Google Street View), Muse and others.

It wasn’t long before other creators got in on the act, with user Altsider using the same Photoshop tool to expand the cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic Californication complete with pool cleaner, a basketball hoop, deck chairs and even a volcano.

It’s not been a universally successful experiment however – Dobrokotov’s attempt to expand the classic Metallica album Master Of Puppets takes a very strange left-turn as the AI seems to have decided that the iconic cemetery filled with white cross headstones painted by Don Brautigam as er… frosting piped around the edge of a delicious-looking cake?

Clearly, the machine is not quite infallible yet. As many users pointed out to Tweeter Mr Green when he used the technique to expand the cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, there was already a way to see what lurked beyond the cover – it’s called a gatefold cover and has been available for for 40-plus years…

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