Watch American Football perform Stay Home live from isolation

A timely reprise of their 1999 song.

American Football have released a new version of their 1999 song Stay Home, recorded in each of their respective homes, along with a split-screen video showing the different members playing their parts. Take a look above.

Writing underneath the video, the band said: “A lot of people (us included) have a natural tendency to stay home. And now, strangely, that’s the responsible way to be.

“We hope at the very least that our homemade and tech-lite video will serve as a distraction from anxiety-inducing news coverage and stress about the future. And at best, maybe it will remind you that your antisocial tendencies are justified. You’ve been making the right decision all along: stay home.”

Recently, American Football performed the track within the world of Minecraft at a virtual festival entitled Nether Meant – a pun combining Never Meant, the first track from American Football’s debut album, and the name of Minecraft’s hellish alternate dimension.

The recording also comes alongside many other musicians releasing similarly home-recorded music, such as Blossom’s cover of the Beatles’ Paperback Writer, or most of the biggest names in rock and pop appearing to perform on the WHO’s Together at Home concert.

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