Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall draws ire after praising Andy Ngo’s “important” book

Ngo has faced extensive criticism over his reporting tactics and association with far-right groups.

Winston Marshall (L) and Andy Ngo

Winston Marshall (L) and Andy Ngo. Didier Messens / Moriah Ratner / Getty

Mumford & Sons guitarist and banjo player Winston Marshall has faced a backlash after praising the right-wing journalist and provocateur Andy Ngo.

Ngo’s presence has gained notoriety in right-wing circles, and he has faced criticism for his focus on portraying far-left activists as violent, while not doing the same for far-right groups. He has been accused of accompanying far-right groups on protests, and selectively filming fights that occur with left-wing protestors with the goal of furthering the perception of left-wing activists as violent.

Marshall specifically praised Ngo’s book Unmasked, which claims the decentralised movement Antifa has a “radical plan to destroy democracy,” and calls left-wing activists a “marauding gang” planning to “destroy the nation-state, America in particular.”

Responses to Marshall’s tweet have criticised his praise for the controversial figure, and his implied support for the politics espoused in Unmasked.

The band Sleaford Mods replied to Marshall’s tweet: “You are minted, you thick cunt. Step outside of ya bloodline for two minutes and use your fuckin loaf.”

See more responses below.

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