Anyway, here’s my clean tone: John Mayer launches signature laundry detergent

It’s a little cheaper than a PRS Silver Sky.

Guitarist and singer John Mayer has launched his latest signature collaboration. It’s not a guitar, a pedal, an amplifier or even a watch. It’s a signature set of laundry detergent and fabric freshener.

The set comes as a collaboration with The Laundress. It consists of two bottles: a 16 fl oz (473 mL) bottle of Laundry Detergent and an 8 fl oz (236 mL) spray bottle of Fabric Fresh. The two bottles can be purchased separately, or together as a gift set.

The scent of Way Out West, hand-picked by Mayer himself, is described as “a rich, soulful accord of amyris, neroli, black pepper, musk, and woods”.


Mayer said of the collaboration: “I first discovered The Laundress products over six years ago, and we aligned so organically on the philosophy that if you love fashion, you should be into fabric care.

“I find something so meditative about the process, which makes laundry day a very soothing ritual for me. Way Out West is an extension and embodiment of that passion, and I am so proud to introduce everyone to the new collection.”

Like all Laundress detergents and fresheners, Both products in the Way Out West line come in a 100 per cent recycled bottle, feature a plant-derived formula and are free from animal testing.

The set isn’t the first time John Mayer’s signature collaborations have taken place outside the world of guitars. Last year, he teamed up with Casio G-Shock in order to release a signature watch, one inspired by the aesthetics of the 1980s Casiotone SK-5 sampling keyboard. He said at the time: “It’s the perfect bridge between my double life as a musician and watch enthusiast.”

The gift box lists for $36. Find out more at