Listen to the leaked Miley Cyrus and Blink 182 collaboration

Although initially believed to be fake, Mark Hoppus proceeded to confirm its existence.

A short clip of an unreleased collaborative recording, featuring both Blink-182 and Miley Cyrus, has been leaked.

The clip is an alternative version of the Blink-182 song I Really Wish I Hated You, taken from NINE, the band’s 2019 LP. You take a listen to a portion of the track, which was posted on Instagram by fan account @blink182italia, below:

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This is incredible. Apparently, there is a version of I Really Wish I Hated You with Miley Cyrus of all people sharing vocal duties. This requires further explanation. Some of you might remember that in several interviews blink-182 stated that this song was the hardest one to complete on NINE and went through about five different iterations. It is possible that at a certain point during the recording process Miley Cyrus was involved in some capacity. In fact, this song was produced by Andrew Watt and Ali Tamposi, two household names in the pop scene who are behind some of the top hits you hear on the radio everyday and who have reportedly collaborated with Miley Cyrus on her upcoming album. That being said, it is hard to determine whether blink-182 actually considered having Miley Cyrus as a guest vocalist on a track or this snippet is fake in the sense that Watt and Tamposi initially brought the idea for I Really Wish I Hated You to Miley Cyrus and only later to blink-182 and this is just Miley's demo layered on blink's song. #blink182 #blink182italia

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While the clip could have been quickly passed off as a hoax or demo mockup, bassist Mark Hoppus seemed to confirm its authenticity. In a very ‘2020’ turn of events, his reaction to the leak was broadcast live as Hoppus played Animal Crossing. The same fan account, this time on Twitter, collated his reaction. Take a look below:

When Hoppus reads a comment about the song, he appears completely taken aback – before saying simply: “did it leak?” He also goes on to say that while he knows “exactly what the story is” with the song, presumably making reference to why it never materialised on the album, he didn’t realise that it’s “out in the world.”

While this does seem to confirm the clip’s authenticity, it’s unlikely that we’ll see an official release of the song, if Hoppus’ reaction and the private nature of it until now are anything to go by.

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