Listen to Bob Dylan’s surprise new song, I Contain Multitudes

His second original song in eight years.

Following on from last month’s release of his first new music in eight years, the near 17-minute-long Murder Most Foul, Bob Dylan has released a new track, called I Contain Multitudes. Take a listen below:

The song features a minimal arrangement, with sparsely plucked guitar chords and a total lack of percussion. It also sports a more traditional runtime of just under five minutes.


On Twitter, the song was shared with a list of the pairs the lyrics make reference two – dichotomies such as today and tomorrow, skeletons and nudes, life and death, and so on.

Dylan was due to play a string of dates in Japan from 1-24 April, but that has since been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisers said in a statement: “We are so sorry to cancel the shows, but in the interest of Public Health and Safety, we are left with no alternative. Therefore we have [regretfully] decided to cancel the upcoming Bob Dylan concerts here in Japan scheduled 1–24 April. We will look to rebook the shows in the future.”

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