Boss reignites the Hyper Fuzz Hype with new teaser

The latest Waza Craft tease has sparked more fuzzy speculation.

Following up on its previous tease, Boss has posted a new, more revealing image of it’s latest Waza Craft reissue pedal.

Waza Craft is Boss’ line of classic compact stompboxes that have been reworked into a new (but entirely faithful) premium version. So far, Boss has issued Waza Craft versions of eight pedals: the BD-2 Blues Driver, The SD-1 Super Overdrive, The DM-2 Delay, the CE-2 Chorus, the VB-2 Vibrato, the TU-3 Chromatic Tuner, the MT-2 Metal Zone and the DC-2 Dimension C. Since the line’s introduction, there’s been fervent speculation as to the next pedal to get the Waza treatment.

Boss’ first tease of this pedal showed a completely unfinished, undrilled enclosure, leaving absolutely no clues other than the fact it’s a guitar pedal. This latest one, however, as you can see above, shows the footswitch’s embossed Waza Craft Logo and the pedal itself to be finished in mottled black and grey.


Each Boss pedal has its own unique colour, but no vintage units with this particular paint job come to mind. However – the finish combines the colours of two of the most-requested pedals: The FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz, and the HM-2 Heavy Metal, grey and black respectively.

Boss’ latest post also notes that the pedal is “Like nothing we’ve ever created before.” Could we be seeing a dual pedal in a compact enclosure? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Take a look at Boss’ post below.

Like nothing we've ever created before. Our art and expertise encapsulated in a Waza Craft pedal. Any guesses? Stay Tuned. #BOSS #WazaCraft #BOSSWazaCraft #BOSSpedal #BOSSpedals #Pedaloftheday

Posted by BOSS on Friday, November 13, 2020

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