Brian May’s Twitter hacked by “idiots” to sell MacBooks

“Whoever’s done it, well done mate. Just brilliant. You must be so proud of yourself,” May blasted in an Instagram video.

Brian May Queen

Image: Gary Miller / Getty Images

Brian May has issued a plea asking fans to spread the word after his Twitter account was hacked by “idiots” to sell MacBooks.

The Queen rocker was alerted of the hack when strange tweets began appearing on his 1.1 million follower account, scamming fans into ‘buying cheap laptops’.

One tweet saw the hacker posing as the guitarist, claiming to be selling ‘personally signed’ MacBooks at $600 for a ‘charity fundraiser’. The account has also been set to private, which prompted May to take to his Instagram to warn fans.

Addressing his 3.1 million followers in an Instagram video, May said: “Well folks, apparently it seems that some idiot has hacked my Twitter account. Obviously I’ll try to get it stopped, but people just waste your time, don’t they?

“Isn’t it incredible they don’t have more useful things to do with their lives?” the singer ranted. “So whoever’s done it, well done mate. Just brilliant. You must be so proud of yourself.”

May continued, “And ignore my Twitter, okay? To be honest I’ll probably… well, we’ll see what we do. God bless you all and thanks very much, and hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

The musician also stated in his caption: “Please spread the word – especially if you are on Twitter. This pathetic hacker is trying to scam people into buying cheap laptops ! Please tell all your followers not to get taken in. Can someone please tell Elon Musk ?! Thanks – BRI.”

Meanwhile, the band’s official Twitter account has also alerted fans to the hack, along with a plea for recent Twitter CEO Elon Musk to resolve the issue.


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