Bring Me The Horizon announce surprise EP featuring Baby Metal, Nova Twins and Amy Lee

POSTHUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR follows an LP and EP from the band in 2019.

Bring Me The Horizon have announced a surprise new EP, with an equally surprising guest-packed tracklist. POSTHUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR follows the band’s previous studio releases amo and Music To Listen To, both released in 2019.

The new EP will feature six previously unheard songs, alongside their last three single releases: Ludens, released last year as part of the soundtrack to the video game Death Stranding, Parasite Eve and Obey, a collaboration with Yungblud.

Three of the six new tracks will feature guest artists, with Japanese metal band Babymetal, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee and London duo/Heavy Music Awards winners Nova Twins appearing on the list.


Vocalist Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish served as the EP’s producers, alongside video game composer Mick Gordon – best known for his incredible soundtracks to the rebooted DOOM series of video games.

The tracklist for the release is below:

  1. Dear Diary
  2. Parasite Eve
  3. Teardrops
  4. Obey with YUNGBLUD
  5. Itch For The Cure (When Will We Be Free?)
  6. Kingslayer feat. BABYMETAL
  7. 1×1 feat. Nova Twins
  8. Ludens
  9. One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death feat. Amy Lee

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