Guitar.com Live: Daniel Donato takes guitarists through his signature ‘Cosmic Country’ style

The rising country star went through his trademark guitar style on day one of Guitar.com Live

Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images for Americana Music

Guitar.com Live: Nashville guitar star Daniel Donato gave a workshop centred on his signature ‘Cosmic Country’ guitar playing style on the opening day of the virtual guitar show.

‘Cosmic Country’ is the psychedelic brand of country music featured on Donato’s latest record, A Young Man’s Country.

In his tutorial, Donato weighed in on the importance of internalising major and minor scales, and also discussed how players could get the most out of the pentatonic scales through the concept of relative keys, and more.

“Major and minor ultimately are the big north and south pole in music,” Donato said. “In a world where we believe we need to learn all the modes; in a world where we believe we need to know all the chords; where we need all the pedals, all the amps, all the guitars, all the guitar strings – really what we need to know is how to operate major and minor very well.”

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