Dave Grohl’s mysterious new side project features musicians “you wouldn’t expect”

Grohl says to expect “a wave of new music that’s just weird”.

While the Foo Fighters gear up to launch their 10th studio album, frontman Dave Grohl has already opened up about a “weird” new side project he has in the works.

Grohl teased the project in a recent interview with Absolute Radio. According to him, the project found its footing while he and his collaborators were in lockdown for COVID-19.

“In the last six or seven months I started getting emails from these different musicians that are doing the same thing – they are sitting at home and are creatively restless,” Grohl said.


“They’re basically saying, ‘Hey, Dave, I’ve been doing the same thing for years – I’ve been stuck in this one sort of creative lane for a long time. It’s time to get weird – do you want to do a side project?’”

Grohl has remained tight-lipped about the musicians involved in the project, but shared that recording has been happening remotely with “people you would never expect” – quite a statement, considering the musical rapport that the Foo Fighters have built with Never Gonna Give You Up and all-round internet star Rick Astley over the years.

“We are remotely recording with each other – I’m sending drum tracks, and they’re sending guitar tracks, I’m playing in my own studio, sending it back,” he said. “I think that this period of quarantine or lockdown – the result in six or seven months will be a wave of new music that’s just weird.”

Watch the rest of Grohl’s interview below:

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