Dave Mustaine recalls learning black magic from his sister, and two hexes he cast as a youth

“When I bailed on the [Jehovah Witness] thing with my mom, I ran away from home up to Idaho where my sister lived and she was practicing black magic,” Mustaine recalled

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

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Dave Mustaine of Megadeth has revealed his dabbling in the dark arts as a youth in a new interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Speaking to the UFC commentator and host, Mustaine went into detail about his rebellious reaction to his family’s involvement with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, eventually turning to black magic after learning it from his sister.

“You get out of one thing that sucks and so you do something else to extremes,” Mustaine explained. “When I bailed on the JW (Jehovah Witness) thing with my mom, I ran away from home up to Idaho where my sister lived and she was practicing black magic, so I got into black magic. She did not practice black, she was practicing white, but I did some black magic. I practiced black magic on two people.”

Mustaine then detailed the two hexes he cast, one on a boy who bullied him and another on a popular girl. “So he was the school tough guy and it was my first day at school and he walked by me and sucker punched me in the stomach and I buckled over,” Mustaine said, explaining that he lived two bus rides away from the school in a rural area.

The bully elbowed Mustaine in the back of the head one day, he says, which led Mustaine hexing the boy as he knew the torment wouldn’t stop.

“It involved using some food sources and making an effigy of sorts and you do certain things to identify the doll and then you break off the arm or the leg of the doll, and that’s basically what I did, I broke the leg off and the guy got in a car crash and his leg got mauled,” Mustaine revealed.

The second hex was “much more fun,” Mustaine says, explaining that the girl had come by to his house to buy hash from his roommate, leading to their interaction.

“…I had already done this incantation on this girl,” Mustaine explained, “And I don’t know anything about anything, and she comes in and says, ‘Hey, what’s your sign?’ And I said, ‘Oh I’m a Virgo,’ and she says, ‘Oh, my horoscope says I’m supposed to make love to a Virgo in a tropical surrounding.’ So I went and screwed in a black lightbulb in the bathroom and plugged the tub and said, ‘Here’s a waterfall, let’s go.’”

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