David Ellefson says the new Megadeth album has the band’s “most complex” riffs on it

The record arrives next year.

Megadeth’s bassist David Ellefson has spoken about what fans can expect from the band’s upcoming album, set for release next year.

Speaking to the radio show Wired In The Empire about the recording sessions for the as-yet-unnamed record, Ellefson said: “This new record, let me tell you something, it has got some of the most complex stuff on it. Dave and I were saying, there’s stuff on here that’s more complex than the Megadeth stuff of the past, like Rust In Peace, which is kind of the benchmark. Those riffs are way harder than Rust In Peace stuff. And, look, at the time, I was 25 recording Rust In Peace, so I think at the time, that was at the top level of my capabilities – probably for Dave too.”

He revealed that the years of experience playing in metal bands meant all of the band was ready to make this their most technical yet: “but now we’ve made a lot more records, we’ve explored more” he said. “But to really step on the gas and push it to the limit and really take it right to the wall, it pushed all of us – all four of us were really at maximum capacity on this record, which, that’s what you want. You wanna leave it all on the studio floor and walk out just drained of everything you’ve got.”


You can hear Ellefson discuss the new record below.

Frontman Dave Mustaine expressed similar excitement about the record a while ago, saying “I think this is probably in the top four records, as far as towards the tip of the spear with our career and everything that we’re doing. It’s up there with Countdown, Rust In Peace and probably Peace Sells. The other one I would say is Dystopia. So that would round up my top five”

The album’s production was paused once before, following Mustaine’s diagnosis with throat cancer last year. He’s since reported being “100 percent free of cancer”, resuming work on the album in December of last year.

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