Dee Snider on why he doesn’t use a teleprompter and Vince Neil does: “I didn’t kill a lot of my brain cells with drink and drugs”

Snider clarified that he didn’t mean the comment as a criticism.

Dee Snider has offered his opinion on Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil using a teleprompter at the band’s live shows, saying he doesn’t use one in Twisted Sister as: “I didn’t kill a lot of my brain cells with drink and drugs”.

Snider was tweeting in response to Headbangers Ball host Riki Rachtman, who was addressing the ridicule Neil has received since footage of him using a teleprompter on the band’s ongoing tour in the US for The Stadium Tour was uploaded on social media. Rachtman wrote, “So Motley Crue used a teleprompter. Really who fuckin cares. Did you have fun at the show? That’s what matters.”

Rachtman continued, “A lot of bands have used teleprompters – STOP looking for reasons to criticise. Recorded vocals an artist not caring is bad, but teleprompters? Who cares?”.

The Twisted Sister frontman offered his opinion, tweeting, “True that! MOST bands are using teleprompters. Not me, but I didn’t kill a lot of my brain cells with drink and drugs (not a criticism. More of an explanation). STOP being so damn critical and just enjoy seeing the people you love on stage! Now lip-synching is another story!”

Snider made headlines last year after saying that hair metal’s demise was inevitable, given the state of the genre in the early 90s. “It had gotten so watered-down and so corporate and so predictable. Bands were being assembled for their look,” Snider said, using Whitesnake’s video for Still Of The Night as an example of a band that “was physically assembled for being pretty.”

“All of a sudden, it’s unplugged, and we’re not even electric anymore,” he said. “We’re singing folk songs. Well, now you deserve to be knocked off your pedestal.”

Mötley Crüe will remain on tour until September, with session drummer Tommy Clufetos helping out along the way due to Tommy Lee having acquired four broken ribs in an injury prior to the tour.

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