More Ronnie Radke controversy: Falling In Reverse singer calls Rock Fest crowd “boring as hell”, fans hit back

“Maybe you need to bring your game up and learn to put a show on instead of being a little diva,” one fan responds.

Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has called out the crowd at last week’s Rock Fest for being – in his words – “boring as hell”.

The band – who played alongside acts like Ice Nine Kills and Slipknot at the festival – delivered a lengthy nine-song set which featured the likes of Zombified, Popular Monster, The Drug In Me Is You and Watch the World Burn, as well as a cover of Smash Mouth’s All Star.

After the event, Radke took to Twitter to air his frustrations about the festival’s supposedly lukewarm audience, writing: “Fans are always allowed to criticise bands, their music and performance. It’s time for bands to criticise crowds. Cadot, Wisconsin was boring as hell. LOL. what are some cities you band dudes hate playing cause you know the crowds are lame?”

Unsurprisingly, Radke’s comments have struck a nerve with fans, with one user hitting back, “Standing in the rain & thunderstorm and you bitch that there was a huge crowd waiting for you. Maybe you need to bring your game up and learn to put a show on instead of being a little diva. Very pathetic! Get out the business if you can’t work a crowd and bring their energy up.”

In response, the singer tweeted, “No, the crowd fucking sucked. Even for Slipknot. just admit it.”

During the exchange, one fan also noted that Radke “gave that attitude from the moment he stepped on stage,” writing, “If the singer makes the crowd feel like he’s inconvenienced then they won’t get into it,” while another added “You called the crowd lazy pieces of shit then went on to sing All Star by smash mouth. Sit the fuck down. No wonder why the crowd didn’t fucking like you.”

Check out the tweets below.

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