Fan makes giant Iron Maiden toilet inspired by Powerslave

The same fan claimed to have made a guitar from his deceased uncle’s bones in 2021.

A Florida man, who goes by Prince Midnight, has created a six-by-six foot Iron Maiden toilet inspired by the band’s 1984 album, Powerslave.

The massive lavatory essentially allows the user to sit in the lap of Maiden’s mascot, Eddie – who dons his pharaoh getup from the Powerslave era – while two sphinxes sit to the left and right. In terms of functionality, it appears the user must reach inside Eddie’s torso to flush the loo.

Midnight claims he was commissioned by a bar which paid him thousands to make it in the hope to have it installed, but the bog’s since been turned down.

“I am just very devastated by the whole situation,” he told Louder. “I told him [the bar staff member] that I will be detailing the events and he said I’d hear from his lawyer. After this heated exchange, we both calmed down and he said I could buy it back for $5,000. I got paid $3,000 to make it.”

The fan, whose real name appears to be Yaago Anax, completed the project under his brand Hellmouth Plumbing Supply, which is also responsible for metal-inspired toilets like one inspired by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. That one, which expectedly gained considerable traction across social media, is currently housed in Denmark’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! museum.

Elsewhere, Anax has made headlines for more of his bizarre antics in the past. Back in 2021, the metalhead claimed to have made a guitar from the remains of his deceased uncle, which he fittingly named the Skelecaster.

Anax’s uncle Filip died in a road accident (reported as both a motorcycle accident and a car accident by different sources) in 1996. His skeleton was donated to a college in Greece, and when it was no longer needed it was returned to the family. But reports at the time suggested the guitar, supposedly made from the skeleton, was likely a hoax.

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