Fan returns Jimmy Page’s guitar case after 47 years

A Led Zeppelin roadie gave the case to fan Jeff Curtis after a show in 1972.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been reunited with a guitar case, 47 years after it was given to a fan following a concert in 1972.

The fan, Jeff Curtis, a guitarist himself, detailed the story in a Facebook post (see below). He describes how, after helping roadie Mick Hinton to pack up, he found himself in possession of a piece of rock history:

“After the few minutes it took to pack up the drums, [Hinton] says to me, ‘You can have that.’ I was speechless, to say the least! ‘Where will the guitar go?’” he wrote in the post.


“He took me over and showed me Jimmy Page’s number one Les Paul guitar in its brand new anvil road case. The case I was given was being discarded that night since its back was crushed and no longer afforded protection to the guitar. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!”

However, the gravity of owning this relic soon set in for Curtis, who describes keeping the case secret, only letting a “small handful” of friends know about its existence, for fear that it might attract break-ins or threats to steal it. Despite this, Curtis was reluctant to sell it, and instead was keen to return it to Page. However, like most people, was stumped as to how to get in contact with him.

His chance came with a visit to the Play it Loud exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan. One of Page’s guitars on display gave Curtis the idea of getting in touch with him through the exhibit’s curator. A few emails and a month later, Curtis received word that Page wanted to meet with him to retrieve his long-lost guitar case.

Curtis and his daughters met Page in a New York hotel room, and exchanged a few things alongside the piece of rock ’n’ roll history, as Curtis describes: “I gave him copies of both my CDs, which he said he would listen to. He also had brought me a special limited box set edition of Led Zeppelin 2 and signed its book as well as another book I had brought with me”.

Read Curtis’ full Facebook post below:

A GUITAR CASE STORYAfter 47+ years, I can finally share the following story:In June, 1972 I went to see Led Zeppelin…

Posted by Jeff Curtis on Monday, September 16, 2019


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