Foo Fighters summon old-school speed and thrash metal for new track March Of The Insane

Ahead of their new comedy horror film Studio 666, the Foo Fighters have released a new track from its soundtrack: March Of The Insane.

The track is credited to Dream Widow, a band that (according to the plot of the film) recorded the song in the titular Studio 666 before Foo Fighters showed up. For it, the Foos have channelled some truly metal influences: there are hints of Venom and Motörhead, as well as ‘death-and-roll’-era Carcass.

While the lore of Dream Widow has been mainly kept under wraps ahead of the film, Grohl did share a little snippet to Mojo last year. “The singer went nuts,” Grohl said, “and murdered his whole band over creative differences.”


Hear the new track below.

The film tells the story of the Foo entering a Californian mansion to record their long-awaited 10th record. Thanks to the “grisly” rock and roll history the house is soaked in, things soon start to get supernatural, with the lives of the band – and the completion of the 10th record – threatened.

Studio 666 is rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, so expect a splatter-filled feature. Check out the trailer below.