It’s official: Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain is the most-viewed rock video of all time

With 1.2 billion worldwide views.

Vevo has recently delved into its analytics to compile a list of the world’s most-viewed rock videos, in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Topping the list is Guns N’ Roses video for the 1992 power ballad November Rain. The nine-minute video has seen over 1.2 billion worldwide views since its upload to YouTube ten years ago. Collectively, assuming everyone watched the whole nine minutes and sixteen seconds, that’s over 22,000 years spent by humans watching the video.

The video is noted for its large budget, totalling around $1 million. It’s also not the first record break for the clip, in 2018 it was the first video made pre-YouTube to hit a billion views on the platform.


Also appearing on the list are classics such as Smells Like Teen Spirit and Chop Suey. Guns N’ Roses make another appearance at number three, with Sweet Child Of Mine. Taking the second slot, the newest song on the list, is Imagine Dragons’ Believer.

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