Hear Jack White’s new fuzzy, theremin-slathered single Fear Of The Dawn

Jack White has released a new single from his pair of albums slated to arrive in 2022. The track, Fear Of The Dawn, is the title track of the first of the two LPs.

The song follows the release of Love Is Selfish, which was released last month. That track will be released on White’s other upcoming 2022 LP, entitled Entering Heaven Alive. The two songs may give us a hint as to what kind of tonal difference we can expect between the two records – Love Is Selfish is a stripped-back acoustic track, whereas Fear Of The Dawn features a heavy, fuzzed-out electric riff and some wild theremin accents throughout.

Fear Of The Dawn has been released alongside a claustrophobic music video directed by White, featuring him and his band performing the track in a cramped hallway.


Check it out for yourself below.

Last year, Jack White released a new multimedia design-focused website, showcasing everything from his influences, photography, film directing, vinyl concepts, sculptures, his musical instruments and hardware.

Among the various guitars Jack has modified or built himself over the years is the diddley bow, the single-string instrument that White builds in the opening scene of the 2009 documentary It Might Get Loud. The diddley bow was displayed at the Museum of Design Atlanta as part of their 2019 exhibition Wire & Wood.