Hear new Steve Vai track Little Pretty from upcoming record Inviolate

The album will arrive in January.

Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai has announced his 10th studio record, Inviolate, and today released Little Pretty, a track taken from the upcoming release.

The new song was, notably, recorded almost exclusively on a hollow-bodied Gretsch, rather than Vai’s more usual Ibanez signature models. Vai said in a statement about the choice of guitar and the song’s writing as a whole: “It’s on the wall with all the other guitars, and I’d always just look at it and go, ‘One day I’m going to play you…

“In writing the chord changes for the solo section, and the solo itself, I dug deep into my academic music theory mind to create a set of chord changes where the harmonic atmosphere shifted on every change. The dense chord structures required a series of synthetic modes to navigate. This approach is along the lines of jazz and fusion players, but I knew I did not want it to sound anything like that and the solo had to be totally melodic. The results were pretty powerful in that the entire solo section evokes melodic atmospheric changes that shift dramatically but work together well.”


Take a listen to the new track:

The tracklist for Inviolate is below. The record can be ordered here.

  1. Teeth Of The Hydra
  2. Zeus In Chains
  3. Little Pretty
  4. Candle Power
  5. Apollo In Color
  6. Avalancha
  7. Greenish Blues
  8. Knappsack
  9. Sandman Cloud Mist