Jared James Nichols safe after being involved in drunken hit and run and gun threat

“I then started to run in the opposite direction as he drew his gun at me… I felt certain that I would've been shot for literally nothing.”

Jared James Nichols has recalled a terrifying ordeal that faced him after a performance last week, in which he was rear-ended by a drunk driver and found himself running from an armed attacker.

The musician recalled the incident, which took place last Thursday (6 October), on his Instagram page and stated how he considers himself ‘grateful’ to be alive.

“Last night after my show in Portland, my friend Jessie & I were involved in a hit and run by a drunk driver. We were stopped at a red light and were ploughed into by the back of his car by a truck doing at least 40 mph,” he writes, adding that both were left in shock and experienced whiplash from the impact. “Before we knew what was happening, the driver jumped into the back of another truck and they sped off.”


He then explains the events that unfolded following the crash, adding that the worst was still yet to come:

“While waiting for the cops to arrive, the get-away truck reappeared to come get some things out of the now totalled vehicle they had left behind. The getaway driver locked eyes with me and pulled a handgun out of his waistband. He proceeded to put in a clip and load a round in the chamber.”

Nichols progresses, stating that he found himself running from the assailant, who had the gun pointed at him, and was lucky enough to bump into police as he escaped.

“I immediately put up my hands and said, ‘Please don’t shoot me.’ I then started to run in the opposite direction as he drew his gun at me. I was waiting for a sound and the feeling of a bullet. At this exact moment, a squad car rounded the corner, lights blazing. I’m screaming, ‘He has a gun.’”

He adds, “The sight of the police thankfully scared him off and he didn’t pull the trigger. Without the Portland PD coming at that exact moment, I felt certain that I would’ve been shot for literally nothing.”


Nichols is currently on tour in support of his latest EP Shadow Dancer, remaining tour dates are expected to resume as normal.