Jason Newsted calls Metallica’s Enter Sandman “Kinda corny, honestly”

The bassist was sharing his thoughts on 1991's The Black Album.

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has shared his candid thoughts on The Black Album, including calling the record’s most well-known track, Enter Sandman “kinda corny” in a newly published interview.

In an interview with Metal Hammer, Newsted shared his personal feelings on several tracks from the often-maligned 1991 album.

Newsted noted that the track Sad But True was his “highlight of the whole project, because of the weight”. However, it was Nothing Else Matters that daunted him, as he described in his own words, “I knew it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, it was undeniable, but I was kinda scared of it, to be honest, because I still wanted ‘CRUNCH!’”


To perhaps very little surprise, Newsted was less complimentary of Enter Sandman, calling the song “kinda corny, honestly,” before going on to note how Nothing Else Matters was a catalyst for the band’s mainstream success.

Calling the reaction to the track “crazy”, Newsted continued, “Our softest song ever took down the biggest walls to allow our hardest songs ever to penetrate the world. When it was No. 1 in 35 countries in one week, and seven of those countries we hadn’t even been to yet?”

“Dude, that doesn’t happen to a band who go ‘Die! Die!’ most of the time.”

Newsted recently made headlines when he mentioned that he’d been approached by Alex Van Halen and Joe Satriani about a Van Halen tribute tour. Satriani later confirmed that talks had been held, calling the project a “real labour of love” and noting that he hadn’t expected Newsted to go public as the talks were supposed to remain secret.

In other Metallica-related news, Kirk Hammett has been out promoting his solo EP Portals with a series of interviews, including one where he said he had not been expressing himself fully due to the micromanaging of drummer Lars Ulrich.