John Lydon on being “anti-woke”: “There’s no understanding, no empathy for another point of view.”

In a recent interview, Johnny Rotten spoke about his admiration for Donald Trump

John Lydon

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John Lydon of the Sex Pistols has been dishing out his controversial opinions once again, this time speaking of his respect for Donald Trump and how today, the real divide between people is politics and not so much class.

We’ve heard a lot from Lydon as of late with his disdain for the new Sex Pistols biopic, which he claimed to have had “nothing to do with”, and his recent (and very surprising) admiration for the queen.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Lydon continued to share his ever-controversial and perhaps contradictory opinions. He spoke of his contempt of cancel culture stating, “There’s no understanding, no empathy for another point of view. No room for being an individual. The internet has made people so volatile! That’s why it’s easy for me to say ‘I like Trump’, and see how that kicks off.”

Previously, Lydon had worn the infamous Make America Great Again red cap during interviews, and admitted that it was partly down to purposefully causing outrage. But whilst he seems to respect Trump, he did bash the UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, as a “Humpty Dumpty teddy bear.” Later in the chat, Lydon also spoke on his issues with “BLM and the woke and all of that” stating that they’re “making problems that really were almost semi-non-existent.”

Although each member of the Pistols seems to have had their say on the very sticky mess surrounding the biopic mini-series Pistol now, Lydon isn’t quite done on sharing his continued anger, telling The Guardian that band allegedly picked his weakest moment whilst he cared for his wife, Nora, who has Alzheimer’s disease: “They picked the right moment to stick the knife in. My weakest point. I couldn’t focus on this nonsense.”

Lydon is currently on tour with Public Image LTD, you can get tickets here. You can also stream Pistol on Disney+ now.

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