Kelley Deal shares when she confused Gang Of Four for Wire: “I walked away thinking ‘oh fuck’”

The guitarist also recounted the time she threw a TV through a hotel window while on tour with Nirvana.

Kelley Deal of the Breeders

Image: Burak Cingi / Getty Images

Ever had one of those embarrassing moments that’ve got you wanting to change your name and move across the country? Well, here’s one from Breeders guitarist Kelley Deal about the time she confused Gang Of Four for Wire.

Speaking to The Guardian in a recent interview, Deal said, “I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but at the Breeders ATP I was very excited and went over to Gang of Four’s table and started talking about how much their band meant to me.”

“Eventually one of the guys went: ‘I think you have us confused with a different band.’ I walked away thinking ‘oh fuck’ and told Steve Albini I’d confused Wire with Gang of Four. He said: “Don’t worry. I’m sure that happens all the time.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the musician also recounted some of the most memorable (and definitely very borderline-legal sounding) experiences that took place across her career, one of which involved Grunge icons Nirvana and a hotel television set.

“I managed to start a fire in our chalet so bad we had to move,” Deal said, referencing the Breeders-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival back in 2009. “Candles, curtains, bad decisions…”

She added: “I did actually throw a television through a hotel window once. On tour with Nirvana, Krist Novoselic said he’d been thinking about it and I said: ‘Let’s do it!’ He called down to the front desk, got permission, paid for the TV and asked security to make sure nobody was below. This is the kind of sweet band they were. Then we shoved it through the window.”

“It was fun, but the funniest bit was all the planning and anticipation.”


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