KNOBs announces album and drops new track, Channel Surfing: Listen here

The track is yet to be released on streaming platforms

KNOBs, also known as Scott Harper (the Director of Product Development at Chase Bliss Audio), has announced a new album is on the way and dropped a brand new track, Channel Surfing.

Known for tinkering around with a variety of gear, KNOBs has continued his quirky approach to making music by creating an album which he says consists of stitching unrelated recordings together to see if they work.

In the caption under his new trippy music video for the first track, he wrote: “Welcome to the unsettled sounds of Stipple! This is the first track on an album I’ve been playing with for years. The whole thing was kind of a game, to see if I could stitch together unrelated recordings and make them feel like they were made for each other.  Hope you enjoy it, and hope you find everything.”


He continued, “I got impatient so I’m releasing this without a plan. It’s not streaming anywhere. I’ll fix it later. Album coming soon!” Fans are already eager to find out more and for the song to be added to streaming platforms such as Spotify. In the comments, one user wrote, “This is just bloody tremendous, on many different levels. It felt like coming home. Well done KNOBs.”

You can check out intriguing music video and have a listen for yourself below:

KNOBs has over 151,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and since rising to success and being appointed his new role for Chase Bliss Audio, he’s spoken out on the joys of working with pedals having previously stated, “I think pedals, even really simple ones, do more than people expect. I think it brings a lot of life into people’s eyes when you talk about it, so it never gets old.”

With his passion for pedals and with some subtle guitar making its way into Channel Surfing, it looks like we may get more of Harper’s obscure approach to guitar on the upcoming record.

An official release date for the new album is yet to be confirmed.